Asian Noodle Course

The NW Wheat Marketing Center recently held their quarterly Asian Noodle course at their facility located in Portland, Oregon. The course was attended by food scientists from several African nations, whose companies are building noodle plants in those countries. The course helps build relationships with companies from around the world who are potential NW soft wheat customers. One aspect of the course shows customers how to flavor their noodles using very small amounts of spices and yeast extracts to give their spice blends maximum flavor for least cost.

David Eisle presenting at the Wheat Marketing Center's Noodle course

SPI Group’s Northwest Regional Sales Manager was there to demonstrate and educate the use of Ohly yeast extracts in these spice blends. Most of the customers were not familiar with yeast extracts and showed great interest when they tested products in the demonstration. Asian Noodles are popular all over the world and the NW Wheat Marketing Center is the leader in developing ways to utilize soft winter wheat for differing tastes the world over.
For more information about Ohly yeast extracts and how they can enhance flavor, amplify salt perception, and support clean and natural label declarations; contact your SPI Sales manager!

Solae Sports Nutrition Webinar

When it comes to Sports Nutrition, there is a lot of good science out there, but pseudo-science also abounds! Fortunately Solae offers valuable webinars to educate and help you make sense of it all!
The latest webinar provided:
• The latest nutrition research supporting the diversification of proteins and their impact on sports nutrition
• The science behind soy as a protein source for sports nutrition
• How soy protein compares to other high-quality protein sources in its ability to impact sports nutrition

Solae also offers webinars on other topics, such as weight management, healthy aging, and more! Contact us to learn how you can be alerted to these informative webinars!

Bacon 101

SPI Sales managers love to support local IFT events, especially those that involve BACON! We recently attended the “Bacon 101 Workshop” hosted by SCIFTS/RCA, with a presentation by the Paul Perfilio from the National Pork Board

Bacon 101 event hosted by RCA / SCIFTS

Did you know that the Chinese were the first to find a way to smoke bacon? Here are a few more interesting facts about bacon:

• Applewood is the new hickory in bacon.
• People usually eat bacon when they are away from home, which is why it is a popular foodservice item.
• Bacon is muscle that comes off the spare rib.
• Meat suppliers can provide any meat cut desired but each time they put a knife to the belly it cost more.

Want to know more? SPI Group has several meat experts on staff and would be happy to help you or connect you with someone who can! Let us help with your next project!

The Scoop on NCIFT

Last night’s NCIFT “New comers” meeting was awesome. The National Food Lab, or NFL, opened their doors wide open for our local industry to tour and learn more. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FACILITY!! If you are in need of R&D, Sensory, Microbiology or Chemistry work, the NFL is the place for you. Everyone commented on how impressed they were with the extensive and modern labs.

Earl Weak and Marty Potnik give out door prizes at the NCIFT newcomers meeting

Great grub at Handles Gastropub and lots of free drinks for new and prospective members. Well done NCIFT Executive Committee (including our very own Russ)! Welcome all new NCIFT members!

Russ Nishikawa awards grand pirze drawing winner Noam Benoni

Are you wondering how this relates to SPI Group? We are networked throughout our territory for any assistance you may need with a copacker or formulator referral, or maybe you just can’t find an ingredient. We provide solutions to help you succeed – give us a call today!!

SJIFT Golf Tournament

On Thursday, October 6th, the 13th annual SJIFT Scholarship Golf Tournament was held at the Riverbend Golf Course in Madera. It was a beautiful day for golf and Scott Nichols of ET Horn, Erin Dormedy, Food Technology Professor at Fresno State University and FSU Student volunteers made the event extremely organized and enjoyable for all. Scott reports that in 2010 7-$1000 scholarships were handed out to deserving FSU Food Technology and Nutrition students.

The SJIFT Scholarship Golf Tournament is a unique IFT subsection fundraiser and everyone involved should be proud of what they are doing for worthy students.

Supply Side West 2011

We just got back from Supply Side West 2011 – at the lovely Venetian & Sands Expo in Las Vegas! It was great to see so much science and innovation for healthier foods and beverages – in addition to herbs, botanicals, spices, probiotics, omega-3s – organic, gluten free, and rain forest certified! With nearly 10,000 attendees, there was a great buzz on the show floor. From the great education programs to the well-attended Townhall on NDI Guidance and plenty of new foods and beverages to sample, we sure had a packed 2 days! Many of our suppliers had booths there, including Grande Custom Ingredients, Cosucra, and Ocean Nutrition.
Stay tuned for next year, when the show will be increased to 3 days, and the dates move to November!

The Story of Briess

We love our supplier Briess! Many of you have probably tasted their delicious malted milk balls that we often bring to trade shows, but did you know that Briess is the second largest brewer in Wisconsin? (what? a brewer that does not make beer?!) And while they do make malt, they have a wide range of other food ingredients including cocoa replacers (have you seen the price of cocoa powder recently?) and a line of reduced cook-time grains and toasted grains. Briess food ingredients are available for a wide range of applications – contact your favorite SPI Sales manager for information on how Briess ingredients can work for you!

Click here for the story and a video of Gordon Lane telling the Briess story!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The scoop on soy and breast cancer is that soy is a great source of protein, and it has very strong links to reducing breast cancer risk. The below is taken from the Soyfoods Association of North America:
“A growing body of research shows that eating a healthy diet that includes soyfoods protects against breast cancer. In an article published December 8, 2009 in JAMA, Dr. Shu of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center reported results of a four year study following 5000 Chinese women with breast cancer that show higher intakes of soyfoods were related to decreases in breast cancer recurrences and death. A 2008 study from the University of Southern California found that the more soyfoods a person consumed, the lower the risk of breast cancer. Women who consumed one serving of soyfoods per day (or at least 20 mg of soybean isoflavones, a bioactive compound found naturally in soy) had a significantly lower risk of breast cancer compared to women who consumed less than one-quarter of a serving per day (5 mg of soybean isoflavones). These results confirmed earlier findings from a 2006 study that soyfood consumption reduced breast cancer risk by 14 percent.”
For the full article please visit SANA’s website.

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

In 2009 my husband and I completed the Avon 2-Day Breast Cancer Walk. I walked in honor of two customers recently diagnosed. One of these women is now cancer free, the other is still fighting. One in four women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

Lecithin- a functional ingredient for a product developer’s toolbox

What a treat it was to attend a lecithin training session at Solae headquarters in St. Louis this week! Solae has an awesome technical group that provided this training, including hands-on demonstrations in the Solae bakery and lecithin labs.

Soybean plants outside of Solae headquarters

Lecithin is an extremely versatile tool in a product developer’s toolbox of functional ingredients. Lecithin can be used as an emulsifier, a release agent, a wetting and instantizing agent, to extend shelf life in bakery items, and so much more! Solae offers many different lecithins, all with very different functionality, depending on the application. Luckily, SPI sales managers are all experts and can help you get the right lecithin for your project – so contact us today!