SPI Group volunteers for local science fairs

SPI Group happily supports local science fairs! Every year we send employees to volunteer as judges, giving out IFT prize money for science projects that are related to Food Science.

At the most recent science fair, we saw projects such as “Kimchee chemistry,” “citrus wars,” and “measuring vitamin C.” We love participating in these events and interacting with middle school and high school students – future food scientists!

Southern California Food Industry Conference

SCIFTS did a great job putting together the 2012 Southern California Food Industry Conference “Hot topics: what everyone needs to know.” The conference covered topics such as social media and included a comprehensive presentation on Prop 65 (2 speakers!). We also enjoyed a luncheon talk by Dr. Roger Clemens, IFT president and concluded the day with Dr. Elizabeth Sloan telling us about better-for-you foods!
Following the conference, the Supplier’s Night Expo was extremely well attended, as always.
We had quite a lot of interest in omega-3 , and were happy to have our booth located near our friends Wenda, J Rettenmaier USA, Solae Protein and Lecithin, Ohly Americas, Briess Malt & Ingredients. We look forward to attending this event every year: the atmosphere is charged with energy and excitement, and SCIFT is great at hosting!