Supro Soy Protein in meat

Supro brand soy proteins have a broad range of functional characteristics for applications in meats – including whole muscle, emulsified, ground, and vegetarian formulas.  Soy protein has the unique property of being very similar to lean meat proteins.  The wide range of available soy protein technology can provide economical and functional benefits for your meat application.

In whole muscle applications, using Solae proteins in the marinade or brine can maintain texture, increase yields and improve appearance.  Here are some other benefits:

  • The vegetarian market is a fast growing category, and Solae soy proteins are versatile ingredients that can help achieve a variety of textures and nutritional profiles
  • In emulsified meats, Soy protein can stabilize fat and water – which can improve and maintain texture
  • In ground meat applications, such as meatballs or patties, soy protein can provide meat-like texture, less shrinking, and juiciness.

 Contact us today for technical assistance with your meat formulation- we can help you optimize the levels for economy, cost savings, and optimum cooking yields!

July is National Parks and Outdoor Recreation Month

It’s that time of the year when we all spend more time outdoors and in the sunshine. I thought it a good time to discuss the importance of getting out doors and into the natural sunlight. So I’m going to talk about the “Sunshine Vitamin” or Vitamin D.

It has been suggested that people need approximately 5 to 30 minutes of sun exposure between 10am and 3pm at least twice a week, to the face, arms, legs or back to get sufficient vitamin D synthesis taking place in their bodies. This is without any sunscreen being on those exposed skin areas.

Vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption and to maintain adequate serum calcium levels. It also aids in normal mineralization of the bone, bone growth and bone remodeling and healing. Current research is focused on the benefits to the muscles from vitamin D. Vitamin D binds to the receptors in the muscle which promote growth and strength. So this Vitamin is a key component in staying healthy and active your entire life.

Research has shown that physical and athletic performance is seasonal and peaks when Vitamin D levels peak and drops when the level drops. This may be because of the increased size and number of fast twitch muscles fibers developed during higher Vitamin D levels during the summer months.

If a person doesn’t get enough sunshine on their skin then they need to supplement their diet with another source or risk having many health issues. An adequate intake levels for people from birth to 50 years old is 200 IU per day. Then doubles to 400 IU from 51 to 70 years of age and after age 71 it jumps to 600 IU per day. There is an upper limit of the amount of vitamin D one should take however or risk having too much calcium buildup in your blood, leading to many other serious health issues. Children up to one year old should get no more than 1000 IU per day and everyone else no more than 2,000 IU’s per day.

New Professionals – June 2013 summer mixer

Well, I just can’t stop talking about the New Professionals event in June hosted by Annie’s! I don’t know about you, but I have never been to an IFT event that included a make-your-own s’mores bar (featuring Annie’s graham crackers) and a Mac and cheese bar with toppings (bacon, peas, nuts, onions, and more – 2 trays full of options!) Super fun.
Bob Kaake from Annie’s was our gracious host, and he told us all about Annie’s: from the start of the company by Annie herself, and their growth through new products which include salad dressings (my personal favorite is the Goddess dressing) , snack items (bunny grahams and cheddar bunnies), condiments and most recently frozen pizza! We toured Annie’s and afterwards we all enjoyed time in the Annie’s garden.
Annie's product shelf
We had great attendance at this event, and I was very happy to welcome all of the local food science summer interns!
The support for NCIFT New Professionals has been tremendous- we really have a great local food science community here in Northern California. The group continues to grow, with more New Professionals at every event – and we always welcoming to new members! If you are a new professional or know someone who would like to come, please contact me!

Men’s Health

Talking about men’s health week, which started June 10th, reminded me of the various aspects we need to watch to make the best out of our exercise sessions. We exercise regularly and need to watch what we eat or drink. Depending on each individual’s goal, it is helpful to know which foods and/or beverages can help us towards them.

Recently, DuPont Nutrition and Health offered a live webinar titled “The Sports Nutrition Webinar Series: Trends, Science & Opportunities”. Once more, it showed new scientific data supporting that a combination of quicker and slower acting proteins, is the best option for effective muscle recovery after an exercise session. These demonstrated that the quickly digested proteins from soy and whey, combined with the slower digested caseinates, provided the sustained amino acids supply needed for muscle repair and growth.
Please feel to contact your SPI Group sales manager if you would like more information on this subject. We will be happy to assist you.