NCIFT Supplier’s Expo and Symposium 2014

A lot of thought and planning went into making the 2014 NCIFT Suppliers Expo and Symposium held on Tuesday, May 6th a big success!  First, the Symposium:”Facing GMO Labelling Trends Head-On” was was presented by an  expert panel with a standing room only attendance of over 200 at the Alameda Fair Grounds’ conference room. Industry and academic experts lead a lively review and discussion of the pros and cons of GM labeling. Due to strong and positive draw of the symposium, Suppliers Expo Hall had 347 registered guests visiting tabletop exhibits for 204 ingredient and service providers!  The Expo Hall was newly painted and Suppliers’ Night Chair Stacey Hawley along with her helpers had set up the wider aisles making traffic flow better!  Flagants(sp) of balloons honored the 42 exhibitors who donated to the food and beverages provided for all attendees. The balloons made the hall more festive and light!

supplier's night 2014

Erin and Russ manned the SPI Group booth and can be seen with Jennifer Sutton, Food Technologist from Hilmar Ingredients. We had customers taste our Ohly Americas’ ProDry pantry powders on snacks including a Dill Pickle brine powder on chips and a Sweet Heat (with Louisiana Hot Sauce Powder) and Erin’s favorite, The Bloody Mary Chips tastes great using a combination of 7 ProDry pantry flavors and Ohly flavor potentiators. Please ask us for samples or more information about these wonderful ingredients.

CVIFT and New Professionals Event at E&J Gallo

The SPI Group is a long time supporter of the Central Valley IFT section, and we have been working to help get more activity in the Central Valley Region.  Luckily, many other members feel the same way, and we were fortunate to have E&J Gallo step up to host an event in May.


The Founders Building in downtown Modesto was the perfect location for this event.  Gallo generously hosted the wine and food, and we loved hearing the featured Gallo speakers!  We learned about their strong company history, and about their current 100+ brands on the market. The best part, of course, was tasting the wines – including the new Barefoot Refresh products, just in time for summer!


There is a nice group of New Professionals in the Central Valley, and they will be having more events soon.  Contact us for more information about upcoming events!

MGP’s Arise (wheat protein isolates) in flour based food products

MGP has a line of wheat protein isolates called Arise that improves the quality, appearance and shelf life of breads and other flour based food products. The unique film-forming properties of their specialty proteins increases the moisture retention capabilities in batters and coatings. Enhances dough strength, elasticity and increases volume in bakery products and increase textural firmness and tolerance to over cooking in pasta and noodles applications.

Arise 5000 benefits batch processing time through reduced mix times, increased water absorption and increased mixing tolerances. This improves volume, symmetry and cell structure of the finished product. In batter and coating systems this product performs as a moisture and fat barrier due to its high film forming properties. The protein barrier that’s formed increases product yields, enhances crispness and extends shelf life. This added benefit is due to reduced fat absorption and increased moisture retention.

Arise 6000 is a highly functional and extensible wheat protein isolate that performs well in a wide range of food products. From fresh baked breads to par-baked and frozen bakery dough applications. This product delivers functionality by increasing extensibility of the dough. Improving symmetry and cell structure while adding strength to maintain maximum volume. The moisture retention contribution of this product also produces finished goods with a softer texture. This product can also be used as a partial egg whites replacement in pasta, noodles and batter systems due to its exceptional textural binding abilities.

Arise 8000 is a wheat protein that is prepared by removing the starch from the wheat flour. Then carefully drying the remaining high protein fraction to retain the native viscoelastic properties. This product is highly effective in applications where strength, elasticity, exceptional functionality and where higher protein content is required. It’s proven to increase volume in all flour based dough products. Application where this uniquely functional product works in include. Breads, rolls, bakery dry mixes, breakfast cereals, breadings and puffed and extruded snack foods.

For more information on all the MGP products that SPI represents please contact us and ask for your local representative.

BetaPower as an Osmolyte

Do you know how an osmolyte helps you?

An osmolyte is a substance that contributes to the regulation of water movement in and out of cells and tissues and controlling cell volume.


  • Cells have developed different mechanisms to regulate their water balance.
  • Water movement follows osmosis – the net movement of water across a partially permeable membrane.
  • The movement is from the less-concentrated (hypotonic), to the more-concentrated (hypertonic) solution.
  • Osmotically active compounds such as potassium and organic osmolytes increase the osmotic pressure in the cell dragging water in.

How do electrolytes and osmolytes complement each other?

*Electrolytes (e.g. sodium and potassium) and Osmolytes (e.g. betaine) accumulate in cells and work together to protect against dehydration.

  • Electrolytes have a positive effect on water balance, but a negative effect on cell metabolism.
  • Betaine is more compatible with cell components.

BetaPower (manufactured by DuPont/Danisco) is the only Natural Betaine in the market.

It is one of the most efficient osmolytes and helps keep water balance in cells. It can be consumed in foods and beverages;  and working as an osmolyte helps reduce the effects of dehydration.

Natural / Organic osmolytes are small solutes used by cells to protect them against stress and protect protein stability.

BetaPower, natural Betaine, helps replenish osmolytes lost in sweat.

Please contact your SPI Group representative or call 510-351-8012 to find out how BetaPower could be used in your application.