IFT AM&FE 2014 – New Orleans!

The SPI Group just got back from New Orleans, attending the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo!  You may have seen us at the Grande Custom Ingredients Booth, sampling the Alligator Cheesecake featuring Bravo functional whey protein concentrate.

gator cheescake IFT 2014

But you also could have caught us at the Wenda Ingredients booth, talking about natural meat solutions, or with Z-Trim, talking about superior water holding capacity of corn fiber.

Luckily, we were able to take advantage of some of the educational sessions, and heard speakers on various topics including the “Perspectives on GMO,” “Allergen-free formulating,” and “clean label”.

Of course we also found time to eat beignets!  beignets

Contact us to discuss our report and experiences from IFT New Orleans!

How do you pick the right flavor enhancer?

If you attended our Savvy Savory Systems seminar, you tried Ohly’s famous sour cream and onion dip.  We compared the same spice blend with 3 yeast extracts for improved umami and flavor impact.

Ohly formula onion dip

The above formula is then blended with a 16oz container of sour cream and held overnight to hydrate.


–Soy sauce powder and chicken broth powder provide background meaty notes to help make the pallet feel full

–The proper combination of onion, garlic and celery are generally considered the original umami flavor.  When these three fresh vegetables are sautéed to a sweat the synergy is called mirepoix.  In our application onion is high since this is an “onion” dip

–Turmeric, sugar and salt are for flavor

–Maltodextrin is used to keep the demo’s solids levels the same from control to the various tests

Provesta 000 is a whole cell yeast used to enhance flavors and provide a toning of sour and acidic flavor spikes.  Provesta 000 will quiet the system so the flavors can come through.  8% use rate is required because the cell wall is intact and therefore flavor less impactful.

(Read here for the difference between whole cell vs extract)

Ohly KAT is a low sodium yeast extract that enhances flavors and is particularly good at improving the impact of vegetable notes, like onion, garlic and celery

Provesta 512 is also a low sodium yeast extract, and contains naturally high levels of nucleotides.  This makes its umami higher and the flavor punch stronger up front so you get more of the spice blend subtleties.

A Toast to Healthy Beverages

SPI Group hosted our 4th Food Tech Talk this morning, “A Toast to Healthy Beverages.”  We love hosting these local educational opportunities at our San Leandro office!

food tech talks 4

The presentation included new research by DuPont Nutrition and Health on market trends and category performance of healthy beverages.  We showed demonstrations of ingredients such as soy protein isolate, yogurt powder, and whey protein, all designed specifically for beverage formulations.  There was a lot of discussion about formulating with fiber and protein for satiety!  If you want to talk about healthy beverages, contact us today!