NCIFT Supplier’s Night and Symposium 2015

Did you know that there are more Empty Nesters (165 million) in the US than Singles (92 Million) and the third largest category is married couples with kids? And majority of us don’t eat as families anymore? And that the Millenials (age group from 18 to 33 years) prefer prepackaged ingredients and flavorings to use on a center-of-the-late protein or carbohydrate to create a more gourmet offering at home? And that 46% of men like to help prepare meals?

If you attended the NCIFT Symposium on May 6th you would have heard Elizabeth Sloan talk about these consumer and product trends. If you didn’t attend you can still get this great information by going to the NCIFT website and Liz’s entire presentation and audio can be reviewed.

NCIFT 2015

If you really want to know what is happening in the fastest growing categories of breakfast and snacks and why ”protein equals energy”contact your ingredient professionals at SPI Group. As shown by our new table top display(photo) we provided multiple protein, salt replacers and unique flavor alternatives for the over 300 attendees of the NCIFT Suppliers Expo. We have a lot to offer and we would like to share our knowledge and resources with you as well as our ingredients.

Yeast Extracts in Dip applications

Yeast Extracts and Autolyzed Yeast Extracts can all be used very effectively in dips to enhance both savory flavors and mouth feel. It’s also an easy way to reduce sodium and replace MSG in your product.

Yeast Extract is an all-natural product, produced from yeast that is grown in a growth medium. The cell wall is removed and the remaining product dried. The resulting High ‘5’ Prime nucleotide extract is rich in various vitamins, minerals and amino acids, giving it the same abilities to boost flavors like salt, MSG and IMP/GMP do. This product gives the food scientist the best tool available to boost the umami effect in their dips to a maximum level.

Very small levels of Yeast Extract can significantly enhance almost all the savory flavors used to make the various dip products on the market. A pure Yeast Extract should not add any flavor of its own to the dip. Its function is only to heighten and enhance the savory flavors of all the ingredients used in the dip.

Starting amounts of a high quality High ‘5’ Prime Nucleotide Yeast Extract can be as low as .15%. SPI suggests a start point of .25% and to go up or down from there.

There are dips where an autolyzed yeast extract is not only desired to enhance the savory flavors, but to add flavor of their own to the product. These products are made the same way as yeast extracts, except the cell way is ruptured and dried along with the interior cell material. The various Autolyzed Yeast Extracts can impart deeper and fuller notes and vegetable or meaty notes and can even improve mouthfeel in the dips.

Starting amounts for the Autolyzed Yeast extracts will vary depending on the dip and flavor needed or enhanced. SPI suggests starting at .5% and going up to 5%.

Please contact your local representative at SPI Group and ask about the full line of Ohly Yeast Extracts and Autolyzed Yeast, that we can help you with in your application.