AACT Tour: Emerald Packaging

Emerald Packaging recently hosted the AACT for a plant tour, and we were lucky to be part of it!

At the beginning of the tour, we were welcomed by Kevin Kelly, son of the founder. He told us about his family –run company and how they have been manufacturing and distributing flexible packaging for almost 50 years. During my visit, I had a great sense of the pride in which Emerald manufactures their products.
Flexible packaging is a growing sector and one that is in the midst of some incredible changes in terms of technological advances, print quality leaps, product protection/shelf life extension features and much more. Emerald Packaging keeps up with these changes, and has new equipment and an impressive staff including polymer scientists, food scientists, and food engineers!

Emerald Packaging

I was impressed to learn that Emeralc Packaging recycles 100% of their materials and also makes some bio-degradable packaging, making them a green business! We are looking forward to the next AACT event and plant tour.