Asian Noodle Course

The NW Wheat Marketing Center recently held their quarterly Asian Noodle course at their facility located in Portland, Oregon. The course was attended by food scientists from several African nations, whose companies are building noodle plants in those countries. The course helps build relationships with companies from around the world who are potential NW soft wheat customers. One aspect of the course shows customers how to flavor their noodles using very small amounts of spices and yeast extracts to give their spice blends maximum flavor for least cost.

David Eisle presenting at the Wheat Marketing Center's Noodle course

SPI Group’s Northwest Regional Sales Manager was there to demonstrate and educate the use of Ohly yeast extracts in these spice blends. Most of the customers were not familiar with yeast extracts and showed great interest when they tested products in the demonstration. Asian Noodles are popular all over the world and the NW Wheat Marketing Center is the leader in developing ways to utilize soft winter wheat for differing tastes the world over.
For more information about Ohly yeast extracts and how they can enhance flavor, amplify salt perception, and support clean and natural label declarations; contact your SPI Sales manager!