Creation in Motion – an innovation seminar brought to you by SPI Group

Russ Nishikawa, Don Parker, Claudio Iida, David Eisle, Dr. Elizabeth Sloan, Kathy Kennedy and Erin Evers at Creation in Motion

Last week we had over 100 attendees at Creation in Motion; the SPI seminar! This half day event started off with 2 technical sessions presented by suppliers in the morning, followed by lunch and our keynote speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Sloan. Many thanks to our partners from Solae, Grande Custom Ingredients, and Ohly Americas for their educational and engaging presentations and demonstrations!

We were also thrilled to host Dr. Sloan, who spoke about demographics, top selling new foods and beverages, hot trends, and the new nutrition – did you know that half of the US is looking for more protein? For ideas on how to increase protein in your products, contact your SPI sales rep.

Erin Evers, David Eisle, and Kathy Kennedy (SPI Group) with Dr. Elizabeth Sloan, Marty Boothman (Solae), Kimberly Weerts and Heather Kroska(Ohly), Steve Dott and Jeff Banes (Grande)

Hope you were at Creation in Motion – if not, please contact your local SPI sales rep for a summary of what you missed!