Delicious Disasters: A “Dish” session with Mattson / Dine

The New Professionals turned out in record numbers to attend  DELICIOUS DISASTERS: A “DISH” SESSION WITH MATTSON in September!   Erin, Kim, Brittnee, Sean

Mattson generously hosted the group, and put out new and innovative snacks, food, and beverage  products that they had worked on for us to taste.

look at all those New Professionals!

look at all those New Professionals!

After a tour of the Mattson facility, we had so much fun during the discussion part of the evening!  Mattson EVP of Marketing, Barb Stuckey, flavor guru and author of Taste: Surprising Stories & Science About Why Food Tastes Good and Mattson Chief Food Technology Officer Justin Shimek, PhD, joined forces to dish about some of the food industry’s (and Mattson’s!) greatest flops.  “New Coke” and  Tuna Pie were just a few of the products we talked about, considering the consumer insight, packaging, formula, sensory evaluation and marketing of each one.  Each product generated a great discussion, and a lot of laughter!

Austin Cocktails

All of the food and snacks were a great hit, and there was a lot of buzz about their new “Austin Cocktails” – less than 100 calories!   (I liked the cucumber mojito flavor, personally).

The New Professionals host informal events approximately 5 times per year, and we would love to have new members! If you are a new graduate or have been working in the food science industry for less than 10 years, contact me for more information.

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