Food and Wine Science Made Simple

A very special thank you to SCIFTS and RCA for hosting an awesome joint meeting about wine and food pairing. Presented on the beautiful Orange Coast College campus by Joe Poshek, Dean of Visual and Performing Arts, the meeting was a fantastic event. Joe holds a WSET Diploma in wine and spirits from the Wine & Spirit Educational Trust of London.
So maybe you are wondering about the trick to pairing food and wine without all that chemistry of the enigmatic wine pairing wheel?
Think of it this way:
Would you put smoke chips or chocolate on top of a green salad?
No, you’d put fruit or flowers on a salad.
Would you put a scoop of blackberry jam on top of your 20oz rib eye?
No, you’d put burnt pan drippings on your steak.
Do you want sugar on top of your chocolate bar?
No, you want nuts and salt.
So consider the science of the pallet and how you like to pair what’s on your plate. This can dictate what’s in the cup.