Food Tech Talks #2: Savvy Savory Systems

SPI Group recently hosted the second seminar in our “Food Tech Talks” series,  Savvy Savory Systems.

Ohly Demos

Savory Systems are complex; with texture, fat, water and flavor being in fine balance.  SPI Group presented multiple new tools for a formulator’s tool box, in the form of a technical discussion and demonstrations.  One of the highlights was a demonstration that showed off the functionality of yeast and it’s flavor components – which we showed via 4 different onion dips!   We also sampled soups, sauces, salad dressings, and snacks using 5 different savory product lines, talking about both flavor and functional benefits.

At SPI Group, we love putting on seminars to help customers understand how our ingredients work! We have seminars all year long, so if you have a seminar topic that you would like to suggest, contact us today!

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