Gourmet Food Trucks in Walnut Creek?

Here is a post from Russ:
Each Saturday for the past couple of weeks Rosemary and I have noticed a catering truck at a gas station on the corner of Ygnacio Valley Rd. and Civic in Walnut Creek, CA. As we drove by, we noticed a long line of customers!! As a recent adventurer into the world of gourmet food trucks with the SPI Group team in Berkeley, we were compelled to check it out and were pleasantly surprised by an absolutely delicious Banh Mi sandwich. We split a grilled pork Banh Mi and the thing that hit us was how fresh and original the flavor was… Our server, Antany Khamphey was good enough to have his photo taken and told us about the Banh Mi combining the grilled pork with a sweet honey glaze (thit nuong), cilantro,shredded sweet and tangy carrots and daikon radish(do chua),thin cucumber slices and sliced jalapenos with a light mayonnaise spread on a fresh baguette! We smothered ours with a sweet chili sauce. It was a delight!! I am really becoming a fan of gourmet food trucks and Nom Nom’s is my top choice and was highly rated on a recent Gourmet Food Truck survey. Follow them on Twitter to see when they might be in you neighborhood!