Happy National Soy Foods Month!

You’ve heard about the health benefits of soy – such as this recent study about soy protein displaying strong anti-cancer properties.
Wondering how to find soy in the grocery store? Check out this handy guide from Solae.

Are you trying to add more soy to your diet? I am not a vegetarian, but at my house we have “meatless Mondays” – we make the choice to eat meat-free once a week. I use this opportunity to focus on adding soy to meals. Usually this involves some sort of tofu with vegetables – sometimes I skewer chunks of tofu and whatever vegetables I have in the fridge for grilling, and other times I “press” tofu to drain excess water and pan sear it for a crispier texture. Occasionally I will pick up Yuba from Hodo Soy; and I always keep a bag of frozen edamame in the freezer for snacking and adding to pasta and salads.

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