Healthy Grain Ingredients

Insta Grains® ingredients are healthy grain ingredients that have been minimally processed to have a reduced cook time. For food manufacturers, that saves time in the process of soaking or precooking grains for baked good, cracker, snack food, soup mix, dry blend and other healthy food product. Simply incorporate Insta Grains® ingredients into your dough or dry mix for natural, healthy multigrain goodness and enhanced eye appeal.

here are a few things we love about Instagrains:
• No presoak or precook is required. This eliminates time and equipment.
• No enzyme activity means no interference with standard ingredients.
• To make incorporating a variety of grains into one food easier, we combine a number of these pregelatinized grains to create our BriessBlend™ line. These blends are whole grain, nutritional and exceptionally well suited for baking and cereal applications.
• Consistent water absorption. Raw grains can vary in hydration capacity and formulas may have to be adjusted per lot. BriessBlend™ ingredients maintain the same absorption rate from lot to lot, so reformulating is not necessary.
• Higher hydration rate. BriessBlends absorb and retain more liquid. This results in a more moist product and prolongs staling to increase shelf life.
• Improved flavor. Pregelatinized grains have no raw or bitter whole grain notes. In fact, processed grains carry a finished almost nutty flavor which is very appealing in baked goods.
• Soft, pliable particles. Eliminates tearing in sheeted products, is visually appealing and there are no hard whole grain particles in the finished product.

Insta Grains® ingredients are made using an all natural, heat process that pregelatinizes the starches in the grain. This creates a softer, more flavorful grain that no longer needs precooking or presoaking and can be directly added to dough matrix. It also makes the grains easier to digest. The Insta Grains® line offers a wide range of whole grain and multigrain ingredients that bump up the “healthy” appeal of foods, add flavor and are easy to use.