IFT President at our local SCIFTS Meeting

Many thanks to Southern California IFT for a fabulous meeting on Wednesday. We had an opportunity to meet and talk with the current IFT Chair Dr. Roger Clemmons, IFT Chair-Elect Mr. John Ruff, and one of two 2012 candidate for Chair-Elect, Dr. Janet Collins. It was an exciting meeting!

Dr. Clemmons spoke about Resveratrol, the micronutrient in grape skins, found in high concentrations in red wine. There are strong in-vivo links between reduction in breast cancer risk and resveratrol. We tasted wine, grape skins, and a new bar called Wine Time.

My favorite part of the evening was Dr. Clemmons talk about what’s new at IFT, specifically the organization’s work in Washington DC to influence government food policy. We watched a super cool video about food science and the Mission to Mars!

Special shout out to Barry Weinstein & Associates for the fabulous apron I won in the door prize drawing. Claudio won a gift certificate from SCIFTS – contact us to learn how to be a part of your local IFT section!