I’m Active Nutrition – are You?

Weight Management as a product segment remains a large and targeted market ($13 billion) by many food manufacturers in the United States. Performance Nutrition, or the use of protein to increase muscle mass by hard core athletes and bodybuilders, while smaller ($6 billion), remains a very high profile target market in the United States.
But there is a market opportunity larger than each of these that lies in the middle. If your target customer is not a hard core body builder or athlete, and your target is not on a measured weight loss diet, but they take supplements and work out – what market is this customer a part of?
Active Nutrition!
51% of consumers of weight loss products exercise occasionally
89% of consumers of performance nutrition products exercise occasionally
Combined, this section of the two markets represents $2 of every $3 spent or $12 billion! And they are not the core target of the intended market segments of Weight Management and Performance Nutrition.
Clinical data has shown that the use of soy protein in combination with whey and casein increases muscle build in athletes and decreases abdominal fat in post-menopausal women.
Objection! There is a negative opinion of soy in the Muscle and Fitness crowd. Not so says Drs. Mark Cope and Greg Paul from Solae, LLC. Over 25 clinical nutrition studies have shown NO CHANGE in testosterone levels on diets with 50 grams of soy protein a day. Plus, isoflavones do not fit the estrogen receptor but do block and fill it, this means there is no way for estrogen to be produced. AND, isoflavones are anti-oxidants which reduce muscle fiber degredation or muscle soreness.
Because many of SPI Group’s proteins, fibers and Omega-3s are used in foods and supplements in these categories to increase satiety, manage weight, and provide a complete source of protein, we have been involved in this market for a long time. Ask us about ingredients to meet the lifestyle of your Active Nutrition customers. Check out this video for active nutrition inspiration!