January is Resolution Month

January is resolution month. It’s likely your customers have a resolution to eat healthy, lose weight or feel better. This means our resolution should be for these consumers to be successful.
You can do that with wholesome ingredients with clinically proven benefits: Solae soy protein for satiety, J. Rettenmaier fiber for regularity, Omega-3 for cholesterol lowering. Add yeast extract to make your savory foods tasty, and what about Prosur to extend shelf-life and keep your product microbe-free? My current favorite is WBS, sodium alginate, make your foods lower in fat, great tasting, and save us all a few cents in the process.
My resolution is to do a better job of telling you how to use these unique tools so you and your company can be successful and profitable.
One way you can learn about our products is this blog. SPI Group is ushering in 2013 with a new blog schedule, partially guided by the “National ___ Month” Calendar. Some of these months are funny! See below for January:
• Bread Machine Baking Month – really? grocery stores sell fresh bread for 99 cents
• Dried Plum Breakfast Month – plums are good all day, why only breakfast?
• Fat-Free Living Month – that’s boring
• International Coffee Gourmet Month – everyday is gourmet coffee day at my house
• National Book Month – read a book or hold a book?
• National Diet Month – 50% of Americans are on a diet right now
• National Egg month – the #1 protein in town, after soy and pea of course
• National Eye Health Care – good for the ophthalmologists
• National Fiber Focus Month – WOO HOO!! SPI Group sells nearly 20 different types of fiber!
• National Hobby Month – like scrapbooking?
• National Hot Tea Month – do we need a month to enjoy it?
• National Mail Order Gardening Month –Gardening by mail? in California?
• National Retail Bakers Month – sorry Hostess
• National Soup Month – WOO HOO! SPI Group sells savory flavors to make good soup great!
• National Volunteer Blood Donor Month – save a life – give blood
• Oatmeal Month – yum, but add a little fiber
• Prune Breakfast Month – prune/dried plum – didn’t we see this at the top?
• Wheat Bread Month – WOO HOO! Our InstaGrains products are all whole grain and make great bread!