NCIFT New Professionals Brewery Tour

What questions are you thinking about when you drink beer? Are you wondering where the beer came from? When it was made? And what community do you support by buying the beer? These are the questions that the staff at Linden Street Brewery are focusing on as they brew their craft brews.

The NCIFT young professionals thank Adam and the staff at Linden Street Brewery in Oakland for hosting our recent event!
I loved the location as soon as I drove up – historic 1890’s brick warehouse in the Port of Oakland! The architecture, the original wooden floors – Gorgeous! We had a lovely tour from Andrew Ritter, head brewer at Linden Street. He told us about the rich brewing history in Oakland, and about how their beers are brewed in tribute to styles and brewing methods that originated in the Bay Area during the Gold Rush days.
Andrew was knowledgeable and passionate about his product and his job – very inspiring *and* he answered all of our food science / food technologist –type questions.

We enjoyed samples of all their beers, but the Black lager was my favorite. With a wood fired pizza truck on site, the evening was almost perfect. Pizza and beer, great combination! We were happy to have attendees from a variety of local food companies, and are always welcoming to new professionals who come to an event for the first time! Contact me for more details about the new professionals.