NCIFT New Professionals Event: St. George Spirits

There was a fabulous turn out at the new professionals event at St. George Spirits last night! I was so impressed with the staff at St. George, they really know their stuff in addition to being fun and friendly. They taught us all about their artisanal approach to making spirits and how they make their spirits in small batches. The copper pot stills almost look Willy Wonka-ish!

We learned the proper way taste spirits: no swishing, no swirling! Sip, immediately swallow, then exhale. (completely different from wine and beer tasting!) The tasting menu was very broad, including Hangar 1 vodka, Eau de vie, gin, bourbon, and we even tasted Absinthe! Yes, the Absinthe that was formerly not legal in the United States.

My favorite was the Firelit Coffee Liqueur….made with coffee beans from local roasters including Blue Bottle Coffee!

A great bonus of the evening was the view of San Francisco – especially at sunset – we were all outside taking photos! I highly recommend a visit to St. George Spirits, and please stay tuned for the next New Professionals event.