Nu-Tek Salt: potassium chloride based salt replacer for sodium reduction

We’ve all heard and continue to hear the buzz about “lowering sodium”; but another issue that the medical community continues to report on is the need to boost potassium intake.

In this great article from Reuters, a report from a massive international study (>200,000 people) found that stroke risk dipped as people’s reported potassium intake went up.

Nu-Tek Salt is a POTASSIUM chloride based salt replacer that allows you to reduce SODIUM and at the same time add POTASSIUM to the diet. So, when using Nu-Tek Salt, you are not only lowering a negative ingredient (sodium); but, you are also adding a positive (potassium) element to your product line! The SPI Group sales team has seen great success with lowering sodium in product such as meats, cheese, and snacks. Contact SPI Group today for more information!