Prodry Specialty Powders from Ohly

Ohly’s Prodry line of pantry flavors are made from food products and condiments that one can easily find in most homes today. Their concept was to convert wet ingredients into dry powder form to make these ingredients easier to handle, from shipping and warehousing to R&D and production. The hidden costs of using liquid ingredients are often overlooked in the industry. There are always additional costs in handling and scaling of liquid ingredients as well as sanitation issues dealing with open containers and then disposing of the pails, drums or totes.
The Prodry product line of powders includes natural sweeteners like honey and molasses, prepared mustards that include salad, classic and Dijon styles. They produce six different vinegar powders including white, red wine, apple, malt, rice and balsamic. They all will contribute flavor and give an acid impact like the liquid vinegar, but also provide added viscosity to the finished product as well. The line includes several unique green and red pepper and hot sauce flavors that have a range of spicy flavors and heat levels. Other flavors available that are currently popular in this line include the Buffalo Wing, Worcestershire, soy sauce and raisin and lemon powders.
Prodry flavor powders can be used anywhere liquid flavor is desired but where the application dictates the product be in dry form. The products retain almost their entire original volatile flavor components after being spray dried. They will impart the same flavor as the original liquid ingredient. Applications where dry powders are usually desired over liquids include, dry marinades and rubs, soups and sauce mixes, gravies and glazes, spice and seasoning blends as well as batters, breading and coating systems. Many other applications for the powders can be found in salty snacks and bakery products.
Contact your local SPI sale rep for a full product listing of Ohly’s ingredients.