Southern California Food Industry Conference

SCIFTS did a great job putting together the 2012 Southern California Food Industry Conference “Hot topics: what everyone needs to know.” The conference covered topics such as social media and included a comprehensive presentation on Prop 65 (2 speakers!). We also enjoyed a luncheon talk by Dr. Roger Clemens, IFT president and concluded the day with Dr. Elizabeth Sloan telling us about better-for-you foods!
Following the conference, the Supplier’s Night Expo was extremely well attended, as always.
We had quite a lot of interest in omega-3 , and were happy to have our booth located near our friends Wenda, J Rettenmaier USA, Solae Protein and Lecithin, Ohly Americas, Briess Malt & Ingredients. We look forward to attending this event every year: the atmosphere is charged with energy and excitement, and SCIFT is great at hosting!