Supro brand Soy Protein Isolate

Supro brand soy protein isolate has been around for many years and is still the Gold Standard for soy protein. Yes, Supro Soy Protein is still the best, most recognized brand of soy protein isolate to look for when it comes to formulating nutritional beverages, especially dry blended formulations (DBB). Supro should be the protein you are working with right now! There are many new and popular vegetable based proteins on the market today that sound cool, but do you want trendy and popular? (Kind of like leg warmers and big hair? Think I’ll pass on the return of those trends.) Or do you want market leading in global quality, superior supply chain, excellent functionality, and the only vegetable protein that is as complete as an egg? Is LEED Certified important to you or your customer like Walmart? Solae’s corporate headquarters with full pilot plant facilities is LEED Certified, our commitment to feeding and sustaining the World.

No other protein can compare to Supro with superior
Flavor • Mouth-feel • Functionality • Amino acid profile • Availability
If these are the quality bullet points you are looking for in vegetable based protein then look no further. Supro is just not one product, but many products to fit any need or requirement:
High or low viscosity • High or low pH • CN Fortified • High density • With Calcium
Contact your SPI Group soy protein expert today and let us guide you in choosing the right Supro brand soy protein isolate product to fit your needs.