The World of Functional Fiber

J. RETTENMAIER VITACEL® functional dietary fibers can be used in a variety of food products- including breads and bakery items, cheese, pasta, cereals, and meats – all without adding calories. An ideal ingredient for reduced calorie and fiber enriched applications, VITACEL® fibers contribute functional and nutritional benefits. The combination of technological benefits, cost effectiveness and health-promoting benefits enhance marketable customer value of food products.

We recently tasted chocolate chip muffins with 50% of the added fat replaced by fiber and water. Since fiber can hold on to moisture and does not release it during the baking process, the moisture retention was excellent! The texture of the “test” muffins was more moist; much less dry than the control – a great example of fiber’s use in bakery items! The “test” muffin also had less fat, lower calories and higher fiber.

The range of products includes powdered Cellulose, Oat, Wheat, Sugarcane, Potato, Pea, Apple, Orange, and other functional Cellulose fibers.

For nutritional purposes, you can use VITACEL® ingredients to reach a specific fiber claim, such as “good source of fiber” on your package. For help with fiber claims, starting formulas, demonstrations, or an opportunity to discuss dietary fiber with an expert, please contact your favorite SPI Group sales representative!