What does the ideal supplement consumer look like to you?

What does the ideal supplement consumer look like to you?
•Someone with a personal goal to win?
•Someone who will go out of their way to shop at a store to buy a specific brand?
•Someone who will research products so they buy the right product for their own goals?
•Someone who will spend more money to achieve the above? And spend extra to get it early?

Perf Nutr Sales

39% of sports nutrition consumers always do these things before buying a supplement and annual sales are estimated to be $1.4 Billion to this segment.
Studies prove that 20-25 grams of protein with >1.8 grams of leucine stimulates muscle growth especially after resistance training. 20 grams of soy protein contain 1.6 grams of leucine and in human studies is proven to increase muscle tissue synthesis. Muscles not only get bigger, but they also get stronger.

What about the other 61% of “sports nutrition” users? What do they look like?
•Someone who intends to live a healthy lifestyle
•Someone who aspires to improve their healthy lifestyle
•Someone who seeks a convenient way to reach this goal

It’s known that Lifestyle and Occasionally Active users of sports nutrition products rarely go to a specialty store and we also know that less than 8% of sports nutrition sales are at supermarkets.

Maybe there’s an opportunity for you somewhere in here?

There is an opportunity for SPI Group to show you how to formulate foods and supplements to meet the active consumer’s needs. Give us a call today!

**Data taken from DuPont Nutrition and Health Webinar, “The Sports Nutrition Webinar Series: Trends, Science & Opportunities” on Tuesday, June 04, 2013 – contact us for an invitation to the next presentation